Monday, 21 March 2016

Solar Powered Charger Coats

Solar Powered Charger Coats

  • The Solar Powered Charger Coats work as a power bank. It get power in Solar energy and power ups to our device 
  • Famed Japanese designer Junya Watanabe created a stylish coat that utilizes solar power.
  • The stylish piece of outerwear is outfitted with four solar panels on its back, while two solar panels decorate the front. The jacket also features a hidden interior power pack that offers portable charging capabilities.

  • While fashion designers have been venturing into the emerging wearable tech market, it is quite surprising and refreshing to see a niche designer such as Junya Watanabe also follow suit with mixing high-tech and high fashion.
  • The day by day technology improvement is to develop the lifestyle of Mankind.

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